How To Solve Breadcrumbs issue – Invalid Url in Field “id” ERROR in WordPress

We have received an email from Google Search Console related to our WordPress website stating “Invalid Url in Field id”. After investigating and spending a few hours finally we were able to find how to resolve Invalid Url in Field “id” Error. Following is the Email I received from Google Search Console related to the Error.

Invalid URL in Field id Error Email


Invalid URL in Field id Error Google Search Console

Google Structured Data Testing Tool can also be used to check & test the errors on the website.

Solution to Resolve Invalid Url in Field “id” ERROR

When I tried to figure out the issue, I found the reason that it’s due to the Breadcrumb issue in my Cenote theme. You can follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

1. Disable breadcrumbs from Theme Appearance settings. For that please follow the following steps.

Appearance -> Themes -> Customize (Active Theme) -> Theme Options -> Breadcrumbs -> Uncheck Enable Breadcrumbs

2. Now, after step 1, the issue is resolved but breadcrumbs from the website are also disappeared. To bring them back, you can install a Breadcrumb plugin. I have installed Breadcrumb NavXt. To install this plugin follow the guidelines present here.

3. After activating the Breadcrumb NavXt plugin, minor customization is required your theme to add Breadcrumbs provided by the plugin. For that, follow the following steps.

Appearance -> Theme Editor

From the right side choose your theme, find the Theme Header (header.php) file, and open it. Add the following code in this file, where you want to show the breadcrumbs, either at bottom or in-between.

<div style="" class="breadcrumbs tg-container" typeof="BreadcrumbList">
    <?php if(function_exists('bcn_display') && !is_front_page())

In above code I have added !is_front_page() to hide Breadcrumb from home screen. If you want to show it there, you can remove this.

After completing the above steps you can check your website again in Google Structured Data Tool. If errors are fixed, Go to your Google Search Console. Choose Breadcrumbs from the left menu, click on the error and then press the Validate Button. Validation will take some time to confirm about fixing of the error.

That’s it!! this is how to resolve Invalid Url in Field “id” Error. If you still face some problems, add your comments below to get a solution to your problem.

Harap Maaf